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5 Men Unique in the World

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Ever see a friend (male) who did something unique that was dubbed "a strange man"? Or maybe you yourself ever so called. It was, as strange as anything strange behavior we are still losing the men below.

Thai Ngoc, do not sleep more than 30 years

Vietnam man was unable to sleep since suffering a fever in 1973. According to media Vietnam, Thanh Nien, he claims to have never slept for 33 years. During that time, Thai Ngoc or Hai Ngoc, who was born in 1942 using 'spare time' in the evenings to take care of the farm or the patrolling guard their land from thieves. Ngoc has 5 acres of agricultural land located in the foot of the mountain in Que Trung, Que Son district, Thailand. Ngoc everyday busy farming and taking care of livestock animals, such as chickens and pigs.

Surprisingly, Ngoc health is not affected by the sleep habits can not. The wife never brought Ngoc to check their health and the doctor said that, overall healthy condition Ngoc. Unless, there is a slight problem in his heart function, but not seriously.

"I do not know if I experienced insomnia affect my health or not. But I was still healthy and can farm like others," Ngoc said. He even admitted every day is still capable of carrying 50 kg bags of fertilizer as he walked down the mountain as far as 4 km.

2. Michel Lotito, men eating everything

Michel Lotito who was born on June 15, 1950 is an entertainer. In France, he is known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mister Eat-it-all) alias 'man-eaters of All'. In the attraction, Lotito likes to eat things that would normally not be able to digest the human body, such as metal, glass, rubber. Even items such as bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150 up.

The objects are first dismantled and cut into smaller pieces and then eaten. Lotito's been known to take the plane for 2 years, from 1978-1980. The habit of eating unusual objects is done Lotito since childhood and began to be exhibited to the public in 1966 ago.

Although it often takes strange objects, body condition and health Lotito seemed unaffected. He did not experience pain despite having to eat things that contain toxins.

When eating pounds of metal or other odd objects, Lotito assisted with mineral oil or water in large quantities to help digestion. According to the medical examination, Lotito has stated the stomach and intestines with a thickness of twice the normal size. In addition, the digestive acids in the stomach are thought to have extraordinary powers so that it can digest metal objects he eats. Incredible!

3. Shoichi Yokoi, 28 years hidden in a cave after World War II

Yokoi was a soldier who joined the military service in the Imperial Japanese Army in 1941 not long ago and then sent to Guam. In 1944, when U.S. forces occupied Guam, Yokoi choose to hide.

Finally on January 24, 1972, Yokoi was discovered in a remote area of ​​Guam by two residents of the island. For 28 years, he lived in hiding in an underground cave in the woods.

Yokoi was too scared to come out, even after she found a leaflet it mentions that World War II had ended. Yokoi finally repatriated to Japan while carrying the rifle that had rusted.

Sanju Bhagat, 'contain' his twin brother in the stomach

 9 months pregnant. Bhagat who lives in Nagpur, India often feel shortness of breath due to his condition.

Until finally one night in June 1999, Bhagat had surgery at the hospital. Bhagat entrails were initially suspected malignant tumors, it is something altogether unexpected.

At surgery, doctors discovered a number of human body parts inside the abdomen Bhagat. These body parts belonged to Bhagat's twin brother who was trapped in his stomach since birth.

Doctors said Bhagat had the strangest medical conditions in the world, the fetus in the other fetuses. It seldom happens that a fetus can be trapped in the twin fetus itself. Interestingly, this trapped fetus can survive as a parasite and absorb food from the blood and body of Bhagat, until he grew up and began to hurt the body Bhagat.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether the 'twins' Bhagat finally managed to birth or death.

5. Mehran Karimi Nasseri, living at the airport since 1988

The man who was also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran is an Iranian refugee who lived in Charles de Gaulle Airport, France from August August 8, 1988. Mehran living in the departure lounge of Terminal One international airport in Paris for many years as it has no documents.

Mehran tale begins when he was imprisoned and tortured in Iran, then dumped out of the country. Mehran then tried to get asylum in several countries in Europe, but his efforts did not bear fruit.

When trying to go to England, Mehran claimed that he was robbed and her purse stolen when to leave for the airport Charles de Gaulle airport to fly to England. He also managed to get on the plane and fly to England. But since Mehran does not bring the required documents on arrival at Heathrow Airport, London, he was flown back to Charles de Gaulle.

French authorities, Mehran could indicate identity and the documents proving himself as a refugee. He had moved to the waiting zone, a place of 'detention' for travelers without papers.

The story of Mehran is said to be the inspiration for the movie 'The Terminal' output in 2004, starring Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks. But unlike the character played by Hanks in the film who live in the transit area of ​​the airport, Mehran actually living in the departure area, also near the boutiques and restaurants located on the ground floor.

During his stay at the airport, Mehran seen rarely communicate with others. By carrying around a stroller and bag, Mehran seemed like ordinary travelers, without being aware that he is actually a bum.
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